The Machine that Drives Skydive Ontario

Skydive Ontario OwnerJeff is our leader and the owner at Skydive Ontario. There are so many little headaches to take care of as a small business owner. Jeff takes care of all of them and never complains.

After 13 years of working as a professional skydiver all over the world, Jeff decided it was time to take everything he learned and put it to use at his own skydiving centre. He contacted and recruited a handful of the best instructors he met over the years and welcomed them into a new home at Skydive Ontario. Jeff has high expectations of and strict requirements for his tandem skydive instructors and we all feel lucky to be a part of his skydiving team.

Skydiving in Ontario is a seasonal business operating from about mid-May until mid-October. It is also a very expensive business to maintain as aircraft maintenance and skydiving equipment is far from inexpensive. So how does Jeff pay for all of it?

Jeff drives a truck. Not just a regular truck, a super big truck. He is a transport truck driver. He works his butt off driving down to the USA all winter and mid-week in the summer to be able to afford the never-ending expenses that accompany owning Skydive Ontario. There are no holidays for Jeff.

Jeff’s relentless work ethic is the reason Skydive Ontario continues to operate. Of course he has great hard working employees that make parts of his job easier. However, Jeff is the engine that drives the skydiving machine. He is the foundation and the heart of the business. Without his willingness to never give up we wouldn’t be the skydiving centre we are today.

If you are looking for an adventure this summer look no further than a tandem skydive at Skydive Ontario. We have fantastic instructors, (in skill and in spirit), we have a fantastic facility, and we have fantastic views of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Check out our Google Reviews!

Skydive Ontario has grown to be what it is because of the people that continue to work there and selflessly help out. But ultimately, it has become what it is because of our fearless leader, Jeff. His efforts usually take place behind the scenes and he likely isn’t thanked as much as he deserves. If you decide to go skydiving at Skydive Ontario this summer make sure you say thank you to Jeff if you see him, he’s earned it.

Stay Safe, Ontario.