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Tandem Skydive

First of all, you will be properly fitted into one of our new tandem passenger harnesses and after that you will also participate in a training session so you know exactly how to help the instructor with the skydive.

Views of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie

Second, when you are ready to go, you and the instructor will board the aircraft. After take off you will have a 20 minute scenic flight around the Niagara region while you are climbing to jump altitude.

Views of the Niagara Region

While you are climbing to altitude you and your instructor will prepare to jump together, securely attached at 4 points on the harness. Finally, when you have reached jump altitude the airplane door will open and you and your instructor will safely dive out of the plane together.

Experience the sensation of free fall!

You and your expert instructor will experience free fall from above 11,000 feet with speed exceeding 120 mph. The free fall will last about 45 seconds but it will feel like a lifetime! Your instructor will deploy the parachute at 5000 feet. However, if you would like to deploy your parachute mention this to your instructor while you are training and he will teach you the proper procedure.

Thrill of a Lifetime!

Once under a specially designed Icarus tandem parachute you and your instructor will then take a 5-7 minute canopy flight back to the landing area. Meanwhile, your friends and family will be waiting steps away from the landing zone to welcome you back to earth.

Tandem Skydive Ontario Toronto

Skydive Tandem Prices

Tandem Skydive

  • Go on! Be brave! There is nothing like the feeling of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Tandem Video and Photo Prices

Cloud Delivered Skydive Media

$99+ taxes
  • Receive your edited tandem video and 70-80 photos delivered to your email.

Skydive Tandem – Discounts

4-9 People

$279+ taxes
  • $10 Discount per person

10-19 People

$269+ taxes
  • $20 Discount per person

20+ People

$269+ taxes
  • Organizer jumps for FREE!


$25OFF Video
  • $25 off a video package on your birthday.


50%OFF Video
  • Bride/Groom 50% off video if you come with a party.

Same Day

$249+ taxes
  • Book a second tandem the day of your first jump and get a discount.

Student / Military

$269+ taxes
  • MUST present valid photo I.D for the discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My video will not play properly. What should I do?2019-07-22T20:52:24-04:00

If you are having problems with your video playing correctly please download and install VLC media player. If you continue to have problems after installing VLC please contact us and we will try to help you solve your technical difficulties.

Are there any age restrictions?2017-05-18T01:56:04-04:00

The minimum age to make a tandem skydive is 14. For anyone under the age of majority (18), a parental consent form will need to be signed and you will NEED your parent or guardian present. Upon booking please let us know if there are any junior jumpers under the age of 18.

Are there any weight restrictions?2017-05-06T05:31:39-04:00

Yes. The maximum combined weight restriction for you AND your tandem instructor is 450 lbs. There are no weight minimums, but you will need to be big enough to fit in the harness.

If it’s raining or cloudy in the morning should I cancel?2019-07-22T20:58:35-04:00

Not necessarily. MAKE SURE you look at the weather for Cayuga, ON and not for your area. The weather can be very different depending on your location. When in doubt, please call!

What should I wear?2017-05-06T05:44:44-04:00

It would be reasonable to jump in a comfortable pair of shorts and a tee-shirt during the hot summer months. During the colder season a pair of athletic pants and a sweatshirt is ideal. For every 1000 feet of altitude the temperature drops 2 degrees Celsius. Bring an extra layer of clothing just in case.

What time do I need to arrive?2017-05-06T05:45:54-04:00

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your booking. This helps the day run smoothly.

How long does the whole process take?2017-05-06T05:42:54-04:00

You should expect the whole process to take between 2 and 3 hours, especially on weekends.

Will I be jumping tandem with a man or a woman?2017-05-06T05:40:07-04:00

It is very likely that your tandem instructor will be male. However, we do have some female tandem instructors that occasionally work with us. If your religion or some other circumstance will not allow you to jump with a person of the opposite sex, please give us a call or send us a message and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

What if I wear glasses or contacts?2017-05-06T05:44:09-04:00

No problem. We have goggles to fit people with contact lenses and glasses.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?2019-03-20T08:37:27-04:00

Each SIGMA tandem parachute system is equipped with two parachutes; a main and a reserve. 99.9% of the time your main parachute will open correctly, thanks to years of research and development.

However, once and a while parachutes fail to open correctly. In this case your instructor will release the main parachute and deploy the reserve parachute. In the unlikely scenario you did have a main parachute malfunction you probably wouldn’t even know it happened.

Bottom line, hundreds of thousands of hours have gone into parachute design and openings. We here at Skydive Ontario will do everything in our power to assure a safe and comfortable landing.