Where to Go Skydiving in Toronto

So you want to go skydiving in Toronto, do you? Good idea. Maybe you want to become a certified skydiver and even an instructor! But first, maybe start by giving it a try. The trouble is, “How do you choose? Which one is better? Are they safe?”. As a tandem skydive instructor who started skydiving near Toronto in 2005 I will attempt to give you honest and unbiased answers to these questions.

What are my options to go skydiving in Toronto?

You have several. I count 7 different places to skydive in the area surrounding Toronto. However, it is important to note that no dropzone (what you call a skydiving centre) actually skydives in the heart of Toronto. Here is a list of dropzones to go skydiving in Toronto with their website address.

  1. Skydive Ontario
    Located on HWY 3 south of Hamilton and west of Niagara Falls near Cayuga, ON
  2. Parachute School of Toronto
    Located just south of Lake Simcoe in Baldwin on HWY 48
  3. Skydive Burnaby
    Located on Lake Erie south of St. Catharine’s and west of Port Colborne
  4. Skydive Swoop
    Located just north of Hamilton and west of Waterdown.
  5. Skydive Wasaga Beach
    Located just south of Wasaga Beach.
  6. Skydive Toronto
    Located just north of Barrie east of the 400 north near Innisfil.
  7. Niagara Skydive Centre
    Located south of St. Catharines and just west of Welland, ON.

Skydiving in Toronto Area Map

skydive Toronto area map

Which dropzone is the safest to go skydiving in Toronto?

The big almighty question! In 14 years of skydiving I have not known of a serious tandem skydiving accident at any of the dropzones listed above. I have worked at 5 of 7 of them. Anywhere you decide to go you are likely going to survive!

However, it is often other little things that make your skydiving experience great or just mediocre. For example, whether or not the dropzone offers refunds if you cannot skydive due to weather, or how long the video and photo process takes. Your experience might not be quite as great if you have to wait for a long time to go for your skydive. Certainly, it is also great if your instructor takes the time to learn your name. Some skydive centres may also treat you like a number instead of a special guest. If the facilities are not clean this might alter your experience. But, most importantly, will your instructor be a super hot stud who goes by the name of Bodhi? Consequently, the little things will ultimately make your skydiving experience mediocre or make it great!

Skydiving in Toronto Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope you choose to jump at Skydive Ontario. However, as you can see there are several options for you to skydive in the Toronto area. The actual freefall/parachuting experience will be almost identical at every skydiving centre. But, most importantly, it is the little things, the seemingly unimportant things, that will make your skydive experience truly great. The staff at Skydive Ontario will go out of their way to do the little things to make sure your experience is great from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.