Skydiving Glossary


AAD: Automatic Activation Device

Audible: an altimeter that makes noise and usually placed in your helmet in the ear flap

Altimeter: altitude reading device

Avgas: Gas for aviation.


Beer light: A signal that signifies the end of jumping for the day. Beer can be consumed.

Bridal: attaches the pilot chute to the main parachute


Canopy: a parachute

CoP: skydiving certificate of proficiency

Chop: the act of releasing a malfunctioning main parachute

Cell: a section of the canopy

CSPA:  Canadian Sport Parachute Association

Container: The magic backpack that holds the main and reserve parachute

Cracker: a parachute that has opened very abruptly


Dytter: See Audible

D-Bag: See Deployment Bag

Deployment Bag: a bag the parachute is packed into before being put in the container

DZ: A place or area where skydiving takes place.

Drop Zone: See DZ

Deploy: Activate the parachute

Dump: Activate the parachute

Drogue/Drougefall: a mini circular parachute used in tandem skydiving to keep the tandem pair falling at regular skydive speeds. Also ensures stability during the skydive.   Thirdly it acts as the pilot chute when the skydive is over.


Exit: the act of exiting the aircraft


Fack: a word often used by skydivers to explain frustration or surprise

Freefall: falling towards the earth with no parachute overhead


Groundspeed: The speed the plane is moving over the ground regardless of airspeed and winds


Head down: freefall in an upside down orientation



Jump:  a skydive

Jump run: The heading held by the airplane when skydivers exit


Kill Line: the line that collapses the pilot chute after the canopy has been released from the d-bag


Lines: the rope that attaches the parachute to the harness

LONG: to be far away from the dropzone on jumprun.


Meatbomb: a skydiver falling from a plane

Malfunction/ MAL: A situation where a parachute become unserviceable




Parachute: a canopy

Pilot chute: A small parachute that starts the deployment of the main parachute.

Pre-me: a parachute that open prematurely



Reserve: a 2nd back up parachute

Rigger: a qualified/certified person who packs parachutes and makes alterations to equipment


Swoop:  generating lots of energy with an aggressive turn close to the earth and using the energy to put the parachute into level flight at ground level

Stall: when the parachute loses all lift and collapses

The spot: The exit point relative to the ground when skiydivers exit.

Sigma: The tandem container system


Tunnel: the wind tunnel, indoor skydiving

Toggle: the (usually) yellow handles used to steer the parachute

Terminal: Maximum velocity of a falling object. Human or not.


USPA: United States Parachute Association.

UPT: United parachute technologies / UUPT Uninsured

Uppers: In reference to the winds in the upper atmosphere


Vidiot: a skydiver who records tandem videos and tandem photos


Weather hold: To stop jumping due to weather.


X-wind: wind the is flowing perpendicular to the line of flight



Zoo dive: a skydive where all the skydivers on the jump are out of place


182/ King Air:  The models of planes that Skydive Ontario owns, made by the Cessna aviation company.

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