How does weather affect skydiving?

Skydive weather conditions are a major factor in skydiving.  Unfavorable conditions may include but are not limited to cloud cover, high winds, or precipitation.

At times, we may have great skydive weather with clear blue skies in Cayuga, however it may be raining in your location.

What are the weather limits?

Weather Limits


25 MPH for tandems. 15 MPH for students. If the wind or wind gusts are exceeding these speeds on the ground at Skydive Ontario we are unable to skydive for safety reasons.


If there is a solid layer of cloud below your planned exit altitude we are unable to jump. We must be able to see the ground before we exit the airplane.


Thunderstorms or rain will put us on a weather hold. We do not skydive in these conditions. Rain can be very painful and t-storms often contain high winds.

Check Current Weather

What to look for using

Check the hourly/daily timeline for wind speed and the wind gusts in MPH.

Use the menu to select different criteria. Look for low clouds, rain and thunder, radar and lightning.

Remember this is not 100% true and accurate. Sometimes the conditions at Skydive Ontario are much different. Call us if you have any questions.

Call us about weather
Call us about weather

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