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Safety is our number one priority

Skydive weather conditions are a major factor in skydiving.  Unfavorable conditions may include but are not limited to cloud cover, high winds, or precipitation.

At times, we may have great skydive weather with clear blue skies in Cayuga, however it may be raining in your location.

How the Weather Affects Skydiving

Wind is probably the biggest kick in the butt! It can be a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky but the wind is too strong. Dropzones have wind meters and monitor them regularly.

The height of the clouds can often vary, however, generally we do not want to jump if we cannot see the ground. We need to see if there is any traffic below us, such as other planes or parachutes. We want visual confirmation that we are exiting the plane in the correct location.

We do not jump in the rain. Rain = Pain


Believe it or not you can jump in almost all temperatures. For each increase of 1000 feet the temperature will drop approximately 2°C / 3.5°F. Additional layers are suggested unless we are having a heat wave.


If it’s raining or cloudy in the morning should I cancel?2019-07-22T20:58:35-04:00

Not necessarily. MAKE SURE you look at the weather for Cayuga, ON and not for your area. The weather can be very different depending on your location. When in doubt, please call!

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