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Skydive Photos and Video2021-06-23T12:51:24-04:00

Skydive Photos and Video Overview

The Deets

You have decided to jump out of an airplane, have you? A decision you certainly will not regret. But, will you remember? Have no fear skydive photos and video are here!

The decision to get skydive photos and video will also be a decision you do not regret. It all starts with a pre-skydive interview where you tell the world why you have decided to do something so badass! After the interview your video specialist will shoot a variety of media as you board the aircraft, climb to altitude, exit the aircraft, free fall, fly around under your parachute, and finish with a post-landing interview.

Skydive Photos and Video at Skydive Ontario Toronto


Freeze every badass moment in time with 100+ photos of your skydive.



Freeze every badass moment in time with 100-140 photos of your skydive.


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Your instructor will mount a cameras on his hand to catch every hair-raising moment of your jump.



Your instructor will mount a cameras on his hand to catch every hair-raising moment of your jump.


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Our Media Program

At Skydive Ontario we have put a lot of time and effort into our video program. We strive for professional quality starting when you sign up right though to product delivery. We also focus on timely delivery and customer service. Our media program delivers a teaser photo delivered to the email you provided before you even comprehend what you have just done. Look for an email (email #1) from Skydive Ontario very shortly after your skydive. You can expect to have a link to your skydive photos (email #2) delivered to your email inbox within 48 hours (usually within 12-24 hours) of your skydive. As soon as your photos have uploaded to our cloud we will send you a media link. Your edited videos will take 1 – 5 business days. If you jump late on Sunday expect your videos later in the week. We will send you an additional email notice (email #3) when your videos are ready so please check your email periodically after you receive your media link.

As in most rural areas, we have painfully slow internet at Skydive Ontario. Photo and (particularly) video files take long periods of time to upload. We know how badly you want your skydive media. We will get it to you as soon as it has been uploaded.

Skydive Media Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find the ‘download’ button on my iPad or iPhone. Where is it?2021-02-12T12:36:38-05:00

When using the Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad there is currently no ‘download’ button. You need to locate the “Open in” link from the menu. After clicking the “Open in” button you should be able to save the files to the location of your choice on your iPad or iPhone. If you continue to have problems you can navigate to the Google Drive Help page and search for an answer to your problem.

I haven’t received a link to my video and photos. What should I do?2019-08-10T07:36:06-04:00

Check your JUNK MAIL and SPAM folders. Often the email gets directed there. You can also allow all emails from which will tell your email server that emails from us should not be treated as junk.

If you don’t see an email titled “Your Skydive Media Link” in your JUNK MAIL or SPAM folders please email us at video at skydive ontario dot com.

I haven’t received my video and photos. What should I do?2018-07-13T13:30:37-04:00

We know how badly you want to see your video and photos. You will have them sometime during the week after your jump if you jumped on the weekend. Usually you will have them by Wednesday after your jump. However, occasionally there are minor delays with production or the email we have on file for you has been incorrectly entered. We usually have a huge cue of videos to edit Monday mornings as well when we get into the office so sometimes it take us a bit to sort though the 15,000 photos and videos, edit them, and get them out to you.

The first thing you should do if you haven’t received your video and photos is check your junk mail. If you jumped on the weekend and it is later in the week after your jump and you still haven’t received a link, please press the button below and email us as there might have been an issue with your email address.

Please note that our video editing team works normal business hours from Monday to Friday.

Contact Our Video Team Now
I can’t download my videos or photos. What should I do?2019-08-05T12:37:16-04:00

If you are having problems downloading your videos or photos try downloading and installing Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

After you have installed the program copy and paste your sharing link in the address bar of one of these browsers and attempt to download your media again.

How are my videos and photos delivered to my email?2020-06-30T20:14:11-04:00

Step 1 – It is important that you give Skydive Ontario a current email address. We will use this email to send you a link to your video and photos.

Step 2 – Check your SPAM and JUNK MAIL. Click on your link and download your media to your favorite device.

Step 3 – Be sure to download all videos and photos to your computer as we will only keep your files for about 30 days.

You can read more and watch a video tutorial here.

My video will not play properly. What should I do?2019-07-22T20:52:24-04:00

If you are having problems with your video playing correctly please download and install VLC media player. If you continue to have problems after installing VLC please contact us and we will try to help you solve your technical difficulties.

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