Skydive Ontario T-Shirts

New Skydive Ontario T-shirts have arrived! We have a few new shirts currently in stock. Get your 2021 Skydive Ontario swag next time you are in to the dropzone. We have a couple of different designs for the t-shirts. One will have the original Skydive Ontario logo across the front. The other tee shirt will have our 2021 King Air design on the front.

T-Shirt Quality

At Skydive Ontario we believe quality is paramount. From our skydiving gear, to our instructors, to our video program, and also our t-shirts. We believe you pay for what you get. We want nothing but the best in every part of our organization. Our t-shirts will be made of:

  • 50% Polyester
  • 25% Cotton
  • 25% Rayon

T-shirts made with this tri-blend of fabric are soft, sporty, and super comfortable. They cost a little be more, but it’s worth it.

T-Shirts for Women

We will be ordering about 20 tees that are cut for women. They are a little more fitted for a woman’s body. Make sure you get in to get yours before they sell out.

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Skydive Ontario T-shirt King Air Design 2021
Skydive Ontario T-shirt Original Logo Design 2021