Meet the Skydive Ontario Staff

Becoming Skydive Ontario Staff is a privilege. Our team members are carefully chosen to ensure your safety and to provide the best customer experience possible.

Skydive Ontario Staff Owner Jeff
JeffSkydive Ontario Owner
6000+ jumps
Jeff is the glue that holds the dropzone together. He takes care of all of the jobs no one wants to do. Thanks Jeff!
Cody Staff SDOCody Staff Skydive Ontario
3000+ jumps
Cody is one of our main badass instructors. He is also a pilot working toward is commercial pilot license.
Skydive Staff
8000+ jumps
Caspar is the biggest personality on the dropzone. Always a good time with this man!
Staff Photoadam winniki fun tandem
2800+ jumps
Adam was a member of the Skyhawks; the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team. He has done demonstration parachute jumps all over the world.
Skydive Ontario Staff - Evert
1000+ jumps
Evert started in 2014 in southern Saskatchewan. Ex-iFLY tunnel instructor. 2018 vertical world record attempt participant. Aspiring firefighter/paramedic.
SDO Staff Kevin
5000+ jumps
Kevin is a tandem machine! Super relaxed badass dude who will show you a great time.
Eric Fun Skydive Ontario
2000+ jumps
Eric joined the SDO team for 2022. He’s a talented instructor who is training to be a fire fighter.
Marcus Staff SDOmarcus fun
150 jumps
Packer at SDO in pursuit of one day becoming a professional skydiver. Eternally happy and loves dogs.
500+ jumps
Videographer and resident skydiving progression coach. In her free time she and Jeff rescue and foster kittens.
Skydive Ontario Staff - Rob WaughStaff Photo
5000+ jumps
Rob is a true professional! He is also a PFF instructor. He has a passion for teaching. In his off time he also loves to go fishing.
Staff PhotoStaff Photo
LaceySocial Media Guru / Pilot
500+ jumps
Lacey is our social media guru. She is a flight attendant for Westjet and a commercial pilot.
Jill Fun 02
150+ jumps
Jill is the best manifest person for which we could ask. She also loves to skydive! During the week she works as an RMT and cuddles rescued kittens.
Oliver Fun Exit
OlivierPacker / Media
30+ jumps
Oli is a badass tunnel coach. He is now a packer and beginning his skydiving journey.
Dylan Swoop Sequence
DylanVideographer / Instructor
3600+ jumps
Badass swooper! Dylan is an excellent skydiver and high performance parachutist.
Carlo Staff
CarloPFF Instructor
3000+ jumps
Badass canopy pilot and sic PFF instructor! Carlo will teach you everything you need to know about skydiving.
Pat StaffStaff Photo Pat
250+ jumps
Pat keeps things rolling at the DZ. He is also one of our newest videographers.
1200+ jumps
Derek is a badass wind tunnel flyer. He’s got mad skills to keep you safe.
Angus Fun
10000+ jumps
Angus is hilarious. Tons of experience and he will definitely make you laugh!
Staff PhotoStaff Photo
TylerInstructor / Video
1200+ jumps
Tyler has the skills to pay the bills! A very proficient and humble skydiver.
Staff Photo
RachelManifest / Ground Crew
Rachel is a local Cayuga girl who has joined our team. She is sure to make you smile upon check in.
Jamie Pilot Fun
JamieMedia / Video / Pilot
2800+ jumps
Jamie manages the video program at Skydive Ontario. He is also a videographer and one of the pilots.
Tom Sands Pilot
TomCheif Pilot
8000 hours
Tom never stops flying. He’s always dropping skydivers somewhere in North America.
Danny Pilotdanny pilot fun
800 hours
Danny is the newest edition to our pilot team. He loves flying skydivers!
Andrew Staff Pilot
1500+ hours
Andrew is one of our 182 and King Air pilots. Not sure if we could ever get him to jump out of the plane though!
1500+ hours
Izzy is one of our jump pilots. In his free time he loves to build and fly radio controlled airplane and ride mountain bikes.

Who are the Skydive Ontario Staff?

The core group of Skydive Ontario staff members and instructors come from a variety of different backgrounds. Almost all members of the staff, except for the owner (Jeff), work part-time at the dropzone (aka ‘skydive centre’). We are well traveled, we are cultured, we are open-minded, we are good humans, and we care about people.

Our staff is made up of:

  • West Jet flight attendants
  • Canadian Forces parachute team members
  • instructors who are also pilots
  • university students
  • paramedics
  • iFly indoor skydiving instructors
  • current headdown world record holders
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