Meet the Skydive Ontario Staff

Becoming Skydive Ontario Staff is a privilege. Our team members are carefully chosen to ensure your safety and to provide the best customer experience possible.

JeffSkydive Ontario Owner
6000+ jumps
Jeff is the glue that holds the dropzone together. He takes care of all of the jobs no one wants to do. Thanks Jeff!
6500+ jumps
Marc has been skydiving for over 10 years and is a current skydiving world record holder. He is as professional as it gets!
1000+ jumps
Joel is sure to put a smile on your face. He has an extensive background in BASE jumping and is sure to make your day feel special.
2500+ jumps
Cody is the head tunnel instructor at iFly Toronto. He has serious free fall skills. He also is the holder of a Canadian skydiving record. He’s kind of cute, too.
2000+ jumps
Adam used to be a member of the Skyhawks; the Canadian Forces Parachute Team. He has done demonstration parachute jumps all over the world.
300+ jumps
Lacey is our manifester and outside tandem skydive photographer. She is a flight attendant for Westjet and is currently studying to be a pilot.
KaylaParachute Packer
Novice Skydiver
Kayla is our parachute packing specialist. She works hard everyday carefully packing parachutes on the mat so that we can unpack them.
6500+ hours
Tery spent his career in the Canadian Air Force. He has a long distinguished career as a pilot. He even used to be a Snowbird pilot.
500+ hours
Adam has a background in skydiving. He has now decided that he would rather stay in the plane rather than jump out of it.
JamieMedia Manager / Tandem Instructor
1800+ jumps
Jamie manages the majority of the media at Skydive Ontario. He started skydiving in 2005.

Who are the Skydive Ontario Staff?

The core group of Skydive Ontario staff members and instructors come from a variety of different backgrounds. Almost all members of the staff, except for the owner (Jeff), work part-time at the dropzone (aka ‘skydive centre’). We are well traveled, we are cultured, we are open-minded, we are good humans, and we care about people.

Our staff is made up of:

  • Air Canada flight attendants
  • West Jet flight attendants
  • retired Canadian Forces snowbird pilots
  • retired Canadian Forces parachute team members
  • university professors
  • university students
  • movie stuntmen
  • iFly indoor skydiving instructors
  • current headdown world record holders
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