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Skydive Ontario Skyvan Weekend 2020

Skydive Ontario Skyvan Weekends 2020

Skydive Ontario’s goal is to grow into a multiple turbine aircraft dropzone that provides a safe, fun, and welcoming skydiving centre for all skydivers alike. It takes time, money, and the proper infrastructure to get to and support that goal. In August 2019, we gave Ontario skydivers a taste of who we are and what they can expect in the future by hosting our very first event with one of the most fun jump-planes you can get.

The Skyvan is a tall, square, flying shoe box that holds upwards of 20 people and takes jumpers to 14k all day, making it the perfect boogie plane. Skyvans open at the back, unlike other jump-planes, and allow skydivers to launch sweet exits no matter what type of jump you’re doing. We had the plane,  all we needed was the skydivers to fill it.

The main reason for hosting Skyvan Saturday, our one day August event, was to broaden our fun-jumper fan base and give our first-time tandem students the unforgettable experience of exiting a spacious Skyvan. To accomplish this wasn’t an easy feat for our growing drop zone. When the skyvan was confirmed, we only had 10 days to create the biggest, and only, event we’d ever hosted. We had to then find a source of jet fuel to keep it running, book load organizers to keep the jumps interesting, rent a food truck, make extra space for people to re-pack parachutes, double our landing area, have safety plans for cutaways, off-landings, and just deal with how complicated daily operations become at a larger scale.

“we did it. And we did it well.”

Somehow, we did it. And we did it well. The people came.. over 120 people to be exact. 60 fun-jumpers, 60 tandem students, and 20 loads up to 14,000ft. The plane did not shut down all day. The propellers turned the entire day. It was smooth sailing. Everything exceeded expectations and we received huge support from the skydivers of Ontario.

This has led us to now, where the question can only be: how can we make this more badass? Skyvan Saturday’s will be bigger, better, and longer. It will now be Skyvan Weekend and we’ve got TWO planned for 2020 (COVID-19, please see yourself out). More fun, more jumps, and more friends. The goal is still the same: grow into the biggest, safest, and friendliest dropzone in Southern Ontario and help adrenalin fuelled people make unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned for updates on our skyvan weekends scheduled for the weekends of July 18 -19 and August 22-23