Skydive Ontario Jobs


You are looking for skydive jobs, are you? Well, you have come to the right place. We are always interested in people who are awesome humans. At Skydive Ontario we aim to employ only positive, open-minded people who often put others before themselves. If you think that is you then we might have a job for you!

There are lots of different jobs at Skydive Ontario. We need people to run the manifest, take reservations, and check people in. Furthermore, we need people to pack parachutes and also work with the skydive video team. There are also pilot jobs, skydive instructor jobs, and maintenance jobs. Hence, there are lots of different jobs for awesome human beings.


Every skydive instructor had to start somewhere. We get this and we want to help you learn all about skydiving. While tandem instructor jobs have minimum requirements most of our other jobs only require that you are a good human. Except the pilot position, of course.

As a result we are always interested in finding good humans that we can train to do other important jobs, like pack parachutes. Don’t worry, each parachute system is equipped with 2 parachutes; The main parachute and the reserve parachute. The main parachute can be packed by anyone who has been trained and signed off by an instructor. While the reserve parachute may only be packed by a licensed, current, qualified person who has undergone an approved reserve parachute packing course.

Instructor Jobs

We welcome your applications! However, there are a few things you should know about what we are looking for in our instructing staff.

First, we value overseas experience. If you are an instructor who has worked overseas you already have a leg up on the competition. Overseas experience gives an instructor a different view of how operations work at other dropzones.

Next, we look for instructing personnel with a high level of athletic ability. If you are quite involved in other sports you probably have a knack for athletics and likely have a higher degree of eye-hand co-ordination.

We most certainly look for jump experience as well. We seek tandem instructors that have a minimum of 1000 skydives with a minimum of 500 tandem skydives.  If you have a lot of wind tunnel experience that is worth mentioning, too.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Awesome human being

  • Overseas experience an asset

  • High level of athleticism

  • 1000 skydives

  • 500 tandem skydives

  • Multiple ratings

  • Eligible to work in Canada

Resume Submissions

Please email your resume and cover letter to jump at skydive ontario dot com with the subject line: Awesome Human.

Job List

  • Manifest

  • Parachute packers

  • Video team jobs

  • Pilots

  • Media managers

  • Instructors

Questions? Send us a message.