Skydive Hours of Operation

Our skydive hours vary based on the time of year. Because skydiving is a seasonal sport heavily dependent on weather we rarely, if ever, skydive in the winter months.  We generally open in the Spring when the weather starts to get nice and close in the Fall when the weather starts to deteriorate. Please give us a call in early Spring or Late fall to see if we are operating.

We start skydiving around 8:00 in the morning and finish at, or before, sunset. You can check the seasonal sunset schedule here.

Seasonal Skydive Hours of Operation

Friday to Monday
8:00 AM – SUNSET

Tuesday to Thursday


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Office Hours

Our office is open year-round. Give us a call anytime at 416-SKYDIVE. It is never to early to book a skydive for the summer. We have a limited number of available slots each day and sometimes they fill up quickly. If you just want to chat don’t hesitate to give us a call either :-)