Parachute Equipment

At Skydive Ontario we only use the safest tandem parachute equipment. It is made by United Parachute Technologies. We only use Sigma tandem skydiving equipment. This equipment has helped to maintain our perfect safety record.

The Best System For Instructor and Student

The comfortable harness and head-high free-fall position are great for the Instructor, and our Student harness is the most sophisticated and comfortable money can buy.

Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

Every tandem parachute system at Skydive Ontario is equipped with a Vigil Automatic Activation Device. This is an electronic device that measures altitude. If for some reason your main parachute is not over your heads your Vigil AAD will automatically initiate the deployment of your reserve parachute. The introduction of these devices combined with the Sigma tandem parachute system has made tandem skydiving safer than ever.

Skydive Ontario Tandem Parachute Equipment