Jump for Sick Kids


Our Purpose

Jump For SickKids is Canada’s premier group skydiving fundraising event, created by 777overcoming [777ov]. Established with the intention to grow Canada’s commitment to helping overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with childhood illness. We believe children are the bravest, that’s why we are using skydiving to show the same super hero bravery and courage that sick children use to overcome on a daily basis. This annual professionally led tandem skydiving experience is the perfect opportunity to empower the inner child in all Canadians, while raising funds for the hospital.

On Saturday, August 27, 2022 we become superhero role models!

Why SickKids Hospital?

We have partnered with SickKids since 2014. All of us have been touched by the hospital in one way or another. More than 14,000 patients are admitted to SickKids each year, and the hospital performs the most pediatric surgeries in Canada.

Why we support the Creative Arts Therapy Program?

Our goal this year is to fund the technological expansion of the program to reach into a new pre-surgery VR system that educates and prepares kids before the surgeons treat them. Empowering the passion and well-being of the youth benefits the patients and their families. From easing anxiety to improving emotional well-being. Creative arts therapy programs treat the whole child —mind, body, and spirit.

Support Jump for SickKids

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The Sky Team!

Scott Johnston is an honorary founding member of JFSK, 777ov brand ambassador, and our team skydiving consultant. “Skydiving saved my life”. When he was facing deep adversity, he discovered the art of free fall. This showed him a new perspective and a spiritual awakening ensued. Scott was a big inspiration to the idea of creating Jump for SickKids. See him in the sky with our JFKS branded parachute canopy!

Scott Jumps for SickKids
Scott Johnston
Sick Kids Support

Skydive Ontario is our trusted partner and pro team leading the participants on their courageous tandem skydives.

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Sick Kids Support