June 2020


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Cancellations are possible WITHOUT penalty 48 hours in advance of your booking. If you cancel or 'no show' inside 48 hours you will be charged $50 per person in your group to cover the cost of the staff who have been called in to take [...]

April 2017

What time do I need to arrive?

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Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking. This helps the day run smoothly. Your booking is not the actual time you will jump. Your booking time is the time at which you will arrive and start filling out 'the paperwork'.

Are there any weight restrictions?

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Yes. The maximum weight limit is 240 lbs. We have a scale and we will weigh you if necessary. There are weight maximums because the tandem equipment is only rated to a maximum weight. There are no weight minimums, but you will need to be [...]

Are there any age restrictions?

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For anyone under the age of majority (18), a parental consent form will need to be signed and you will NEED your parent or guardian present. Upon booking please let us know if there are any junior jumpers under the age of 18.

What should I wear?

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It would be reasonable to jump in a comfortable pair of shorts and a tee-shirt during the hot summer months. However, you can jump in  your underwear if you want. During the colder season we don't recommend jumping in  your underwear but a pair of [...]

How long does the whole process take?

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You should expect the whole process to take between 2 and 3 hours, especially on weekends. However, sometimes we are put on weather holds because of wind, rain, or clouds. If this happens expect to be delayed. We cannot control the weather and we have [...]

What if my parachute doesn’t open?

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Each SIGMA tandem parachute system is equipped with two parachutes; a main and a reserve. 99.9% of the time your main parachute will open correctly, thanks to years of research and development. However, once and a while parachutes fail to open correctly. In this case [...]

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