Operating Status

November 7  – 12:00pm

Currently Jumping


  • Logbook

  • License or Certificate of Proficiency

  • Valid CSPA Membership

  • Reserve Packing Card (within 180 days)


  • All fun jumpers

  • All AFF/PFF instructors

  • All tandem skydivers


Experienced skydivers should report to Jeff on arrival. You will receive a briefing on the landing area, loading procedures, circuit procedures, hazards, and packing area procedures.

Jump Ticket Prices

5000ft Cessna 182


13000ft 182/King Air



We have a new clean, padded and spacious hanger with tons of gear storage. Video screens for easy manifest, debriefing of coach and fun jumps. There is also a large fire pit for evening festivities. Anything you need just ask Jeff (the owner) and he will be sure to do everything he can to accommodate you.


As we grow you will become aware of the dedication the owners and staff are putting into this home. We have everything from coaching and free fun-jump load organizing.

Skydive Ontario From Above

Skydive Ontario Experienced Skydivers Overhead Shot

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